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Understand Yourself, Understand Others, Understand Your World!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I want to share with you a new and profound understanding of humanity and our spiritual self a new book and lecture called "Ten Terrains of Consciousness". I read the book and it was like a puzzle re humanity had been put together. People I know, myself, bosses, friends, politicians etc., their personalities and why they are how they are all made sense. My compassion expanded not only for others but myself too. I now had insight of our pathway as the beings we are. While I have had a spiritual teacher for a very long time and follow a lot of Buddhist teachings, this fits right in. Easy to read and I think you'll get a wide eye view of many things that perhaps just didn't make sense or frustrate you in your world. After I did an online test and got the results, I was astounded at the accuracy and my journey and where I'm at; it all made so much sense. If you're interested I'm at spiral. There is no right or wrong place to be at... it's all a learning journey that we are all on as spiritual beings.

I listened to the videos and ended up purchasing the online 2 hour talk explaining the ten terrains of consciousness. It is eye opening reading and listening. I highly recommend to have a look at the 2 hour video about the ten terrains of consciousness... there are free videos but the paid one... its about $7 on special online at the moment. It's so good. Go here:

"The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness is a groundbreaking new Model that explains human nature and humanity's journey of spiritual awakening."

Enjoy xx

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