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Meet our Board and Team

Meet our Board & Team: Headliner

Executive Director
& Founder

Bernadette Dimitrov

Bernadette is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of young people with a disability and to inspire and empower them to be the best version of themselves.  20+ years experience in the disability/mental health sector.  After  a major car accident (a head on collision at 80ks) it took her more than 3 years to recover both physically and mentally.  She lost her two greatest loves of her life to mental health issues. One from a drug over dose and her husband a lawyer suicided. Inspired to help others she went on to author and co-author 14+ books.  She's the Aussie rep for the International Santa Claus Peace Council and a 'Secret Santa' with a big and shared commitment to bring more peace and happiness into our world and in particular to the lives of young people. She's the former podcast host on the Family Yak Channel out of the USA which averaged 80,000+ listeners a month, heard in more than 90 countries.  She interviewed best selling authors, wellbeing coaches and thought leaders around the world.  She's committed to take what she's learnt, share it and make a real and positive difference in our young peoples lives.

Meet our Board & Team: Who We Are

Board of Directors

Angela Perry                                             

Angela Perry is a qualified English Barrister and Australian Solicitor and has over 17 years of business experience, eight of those as a Senior Manager or in Executive roles.

Angela is  a member of the Prime Minister’s Community and Business Partnership Committee.   She is the Founder and Executive Director of

For the last 5 years, she has been a host through Interchange Northern, where she cares for a mentally disabled young person. Angela has mentored disadvantaged teenagers in a NSW school and taught English to newly arrived refugees in Melbourne. Angela is the Chair of Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand.

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Meet our Board & Team: Who We Are
High Fives

Board of Directors

To Be Appointed!

Watch this space... an awesome person is coming!

Meet our Board & Team: Who We Are

Business Development Manager

Michael Harwood has a business and marketing background. He wants to see the foundation grow in many ways and he's proud to be part of the team here.

In his spare time he's a fitness coach. He's run many fun fitness groups for young people. He's also an author, community hearted, supports inclusion and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people.

He's friendly, has a good sense of humour and brings fresh ideas and passion to the foundation.

Meet our Board & Team: Who We Are

Team Leader - Silent Discos

Emily Pleece is a young person who is creative and loves to have fun.  She supports inclusiveness for all young people.  Emily herself has life experience of disability and can readily emphathize with others.   She recently completed Year 12 and is studying Cert IV. in Disabilities.  This is Emily's first leadership role with us and we are thrilled she is on our team.  

She has an important role as a leader in the silent disco events.  She will help train and mentor others to take on leadership roles too.

Meet our Board & Team: Who We Are
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