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Our Vision


To build fully inclusive innovative free social events creating fun, wellbeing and friendships, as well as offering leadership opportunities for young people with a disability to grow and lead.


To positively impact the wellbeing and happiness of our most vulnerable young people experiencing isolation or disadvantage due to a disability (psychosocial - anxiety - depression - physical - intellectual).

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The Challenge of Social Isolation for Young People with a Disability: 

Young people with disabilities experiencing disadvantage, mental health challenges or trauma, are more likely to experience social isolation.  The National Disability Strategy 2019-20 states: 

“Australians with disability have significantly worse life outcomes
compared to others… People with a disability are more likely to experience:  social exclusion and ongoing discrimination.” 

Access to social events should not be a privilege but a part of community life for all young people.  So how do we start breaking down barriers to access and provide meaningful social experiences and empower disadvantaged or vulnerable young people to feel not only part of their community but leaders in their community?

Our Solution: 

Free immersive silent events, starting with ‘silent discos’ in the City of Melbourne and then presenting throughout Victoria that celebrate major holiday themes and more. 

We can break down barriers to participation in social events for young people with a disability via funded events to create free access that improves more opportunities for social participation, health and wellbeing while increasing feelings of belonging and connectedness to peers in their community.  It becomes a proud celebration of diversity and inclusiveness for young people with a disability at its best.

Visioning a new Future:  

Let’s vision a world with our most vulnerable young people not only having opportunity to participate in mainstream popular social events for free without barriers, but having opportunity to be leaders in such events in their own communities. 

Free events address financial hardship barriers to social inclusion as many young people are on a pension or earn below minimum wage norms in supported employment workshops or work part-time with not enough for social activities.   

We are clear and committed to visioning positive inclusive events creating fun, more friendships, more positive emotions and more health and wellbeing for our young people with a disability. Ultimately, uplifting and positively impacting their wellbeing and that of the community too!

“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.” –Sadhguru

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We're making a difference!

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