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Our Vision


To build an inclusive community through innovative teachings, creating fun, wellbeing, inner peace and new friendships by discovering how to become a Secret Santa Claus!


To positively impact the wellbeing and happiness of our young people.


The Challenge of Social Isolation for Young People feeling disconnected from their inner peace: 

 Here we offer opportunities for social participation, health and wellbeing while increasing feelings of belonging and connectedness to their community.  It becomes a proud celebration of diversity and inclusiveness for all young people.

Visioning a new Future:  

We are committed to a vision of positive inclusive events
that create fun, more friendships, positive emotions, 
health and wellbeing and more inner peace
for our young people. 
Ultimately, uplifting and positively impacting their
wellbeing and that of our world too!

“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.Sadhguru & Santa Claus - two enlightened teachers!


We can all make a difference!

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