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Meet Mrs Claus 

Mrs Claus - Founder

Bernadette Dimitrov

Bernadette is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of young people and to inspire and empower them to be the best version of themselves; by embodying a Santa Claus heart!   


Inspired to help others after a major car accident and the loss of her two greatest loves in life, she authored and co-authored 14+ books. She's the Aussie rep for the International Santa Claus Peace Council, the only Australian Mrs Claus on the Santa Claus Oath International Committee and a 'Secret Santa' with a big and shared commitment to bring more peace and happiness into our world and in particular to the lives of young people.

She is the first Australian Mrs Claus to receive her Degree in SantaClausology from the International University of Santa Claus USA and is a member of the Red Suit Society.


She's the former Mrs Claus podcast host on the Family Yak Channel out of the USA which averaged 80,000+ listeners a month, heard in more than 90 countries. She interviewed Santa's from around the world as well as best-selling authors, wellbeing coaches and thought leaders who all shared their insights to make the world a better place. It always starts with us!   

Mrs Claus proudly represented Australia twice in the USA at world Santa Claus conventions, including the Santa-style Olympics, the Mrs Claus fashion parade, sporting her famous light up dress and in Turkey, at the Santa Claus Peace Council event where she made history as the first Mrs Claus to be with Santa Claus in the Church of Saint Nicholas where the original Santa Claus is buried. An array of media in those countries as well as Australia covered these events - see below.

Mrs Claus is committed to take what she's learnt, share it and make a real and positive difference in our young people's lives.

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Mrs Claus Australia:
1.  Is on the Santa Claus Oath International Committee USA:

2.  Is the Australian representative for the Santa Claus Peace Council Turkey:


Australia wide media:
1st Australian women to receive a Degree in SantaClausology

from The International University of Santa Claus out of the USA.
Mrs Claus was then announced as
Australia's First official Mrs Claus in
newspapers, magazines and on radio interviews across Australia.

Santa-style Olympics - Tennessee, USA
Mrs Claus competing for Gold - representing Australia!
Unfortunately she wasn't the fastest Mrs Claus on the slops!

Mrs Claus with Santa Leon - the fastest Santa - winning the Gold medal.
Mrs Claus with Stephanie Siebert - the fastest Mrs Claus - won the gold medal.

Mrs Claus on stage at the Fashion Parade & at the Jingle Bell Ball 
- Tennessee, USA

   Sporting two unique Aussie outfits in the Mrs Claus Fashion Parade:
   1.  Mrs Claus unique light up dress!

   2.  Mrs Claus Aussie flag outfit!
   And with Santa Steve Darling who also represented Australia - the 
    famous camel riding Santa Claus from the Northern Territory.

Mrs Claus Australia - Makes History in Turkey:

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Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 4.34.41 pm.png
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